Thesis snippets: how we write ourselves on landscapes

Roderick Nash, one of environmental history’s foremost scholars, recalls telling a college student that rather than devoting the semester break to scholarly reading, the time would be far better spent exploring the landscape.[1] Nash was convinced, as am I, that observing, questioning and considering places – and the impacts of human beings – would allow […]

I love you.

Project underwear continues. A few months ago, a few loved ones pooled our money and spent $250 on underwear to donate to The Wayside Chapel. The fantastic crew at BONDS in Market City matched our small gesture with two big boxes of brand new donations. Jump forward in time, and my mama and I are […]

An L.A. story

Next month I wing my way back to the City of Angels. It’s going to be amazing. It always is. And this time, I’ll be travelling again with Sean, the man who taught me so much about love and life, and worthiness, and helped me find this concrete river that runs its way through my […]

Sunshine Coast Local Knowledge

There’s a page on GoodIsBetter called Local, which is my spot for sharing fabulous discoveries from where I live. Now that home is Sydney, here’s an archive of what used to be in the Local List when local was the Sunny Coast in Queensland: The Lane at Palmwoods ( and Renae’s Pantry ( Friday afternoons/evenings and […]

Three things I learned about moving house.

Life update: I moved recently. Wrapped around these three words there are weeks and weeks of decisions, lists, jobs, favours, life lessons and a smattering of character building dramas. The move was fairly significant -ending a decade at a high-level desk job to become a full-time student and leaving the familiar loveliness of home for the beguiling city lights.   […]