Almond Milk

First batch of almond milk today. Delicious! Here’s the recipe:

Combine one and a half handfuls of almonds and one litre of spring water in a blender and blend until the almonds are a course meal and water has turned to milk. I left it soak in the blender jug and then blended more, a few times. Pour onto an outstretched double layer of cheesecloth, over a big bowl. Tie the cloth to make a “teabag” and peg to the side to let more almondiness soak into the milk. It’s stiflingly humid, so I kept mine in the fridge for the day while it soaked. Then, squeezed out as much liquid as possible. I’m making most of the milk into almond yoghurt  (culturing overnight) and the almond meal into an apple and berry crumble. Yuummmmmm!


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