I love you.

Project underwear continues. A few months ago, a few loved ones pooled our money and spent $250 on underwear to donate to The Wayside Chapel. The fantastic crew at BONDS in Market City matched our small gesture with two big boxes of brand new donations.

Jump forward in time, and my mama and I are spending some long awaited mother-daughter time, visiting the tiny town of Imbil, population 962. Mama says to Rondah, owner of the eclectic shop Seeds to Serendipity, “Tilly lives in the fleshpots of Sydney now” before turning to me and saying “tell Rondah about your undies”. What?! My undies.

Then I remember. I tell her about the Wayside. I tell her how Rev Graham Long says “nothing says I love you like a clean pair of undies”. We talk about how good our lives are, and how the Cross has taught me gratitude and perspective, about the paper thin divide, really, between my life and the people sleeping in my alley. I think I see tears in the corners of her eyes, and I feel them in mine.

A moment later Rondah is pulling stock off her shelves. She asks if I’d carry a donation back from her to the wayside. She gives 25 pairs of bamboo undies. It says I LOVE YOU. Twenty-five times at least.

You can donate to The Wayside Chapel here or by dropping in with useful stuff (toothbrushes, socks, undies, swimming goggles, towels etc).

IMG_20150910_142012 (1)


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