@LARiverX is an Instagram account established in 2019 to showcase a diversity of perspectives and stories about the Los Angeles River. We do this by inviting folks like you to “take over” the account for a period of time, sharing images and captions that tell your river stories. We recommend a one or two week takeover, your choice.

What do I post?

We know that the LA River is part of your life (or the work of your organization or agency) and that you have a perspective that will be fascinating, inspiring, and informative to people who are interested in the river’s past, present and future. Anything visual and watershed-related. Literally, anything. Show us a favorite vista. Recycle an image that represents your relationship with the river. Photograph a document, take an intriguing shot of an object, or from your own filing cabinet. Take a portrait of someone important to you. Share a post from someone you follow. Draw something. You can re-post content that has featured on your Instagram in the past. There’s no upper limit of posts but, at a minimum, we ask for one post every day of your takeover. It need only take a handful of minutes each time you post, and using existing content is totally fine (and quick!).

How does it work?

We do the posting for you, and then you engage in comments using your own instagram handle (as much or as minimally as you wish). You submit your content ahead of time by dropbox upload, or during your takeover by email, or a mix of both those options. Our priority is to keep it simple for you. Life’s got enough learning curves, without tech needing to be one of them. When you are invited to guest host, you’ll get more detailed information.

Who owns things?

Ownership and credit are always yours for everything you contribute. A standard statement will appear on every post to indicate that the images and words are all yours. If you’re posting content that someone else made, we ask you to make sure it is appropriately cleared and/or credited. If you need help with this, just holler.

Who are we?

It’s the royal “we”. This account is curated by Dr Tilly Hinton, a river enthusiast who literally moved across the planet to live near, and work with, the Los Angeles River. She has a Masters and a PhD about the river’s recent social history, and she took Lewis MacAdams seriously when he told her that her job was articulating the river’s future mythology. She is currently writing her first book, about people’s love for the LA River.

Count me in!

Guest Host: Super, we’re excited that you’re interested in taking over the account for a week. or two To apply, send an email to tilly@goodisbetter.net with a line or two about why you’d like to host. Include a link to your existing Instagram account. Also, indicate some dates that would suit you. It’s okay to be vague about this initially, but if you’d like to coincide hosting with a key date or to avoid extra-busy times in your life, tell us so.

Champion: If you love this concept please follow us on Instagram and tell all your friends!

Connector: If you know people, organizations or agencies who should guest host @lariverX please reach out to them, and to us.

“In those early days people used to say, you know, what’s your, who’s your, celebrity? And I’d always say the river is our celebrity. And I’d say it in a sort of snide way because it always pissed me off that in LA you’re supposed to have a fucking celebrity. Was then, and still is.” – Lewis MacAdams, 2016