@LARiverX is a digital humanities project established in 2019 to showcase a diversity of perspectives and stories about the Los Angeles River. We do this by inviting folks like you to guest host by ‚Äútaking over‚ÄĚ the account for a week, sharing your river stories.

What do I post?

We know that the LA River is part of your life (or the work of your organization or agency) and that you have a perspective that will be fascinating, inspiring, and informative to people who are interested in the river’s past, present and future. Anything visual and watershed-related. Literally, anything. Select from your existing photo collection. Show us a favorite vista. Recycle an image that represents your relationship with the river. Photograph a document, take an intriguing shot of an object, or of something from your own filing cabinet. Make a portrait of someone important to you. Draw something. You can re-use content that has featured on your Instagram in the past. There’s no upper limit of posts but, at a minimum, we ask for one post every day of your seven day takeover and three each day is our favorite number.
We’re always open for collaborative programming and building connections with community, educators, and nonprofits. If you have ideas, do reach out to the team.

How does it work?

You submit your content to us ahead of time, and you can add extra posts during your takeover week. Our priority is to keep it simple for you. Life’s got enough learning curves, without tech needing to be one of them. We do the posting for you, and then you engage in comments using your own instagram handle (as much or as minimally as you wish). When you are invited to be a guest host, you’ll get more detailed information.

Who owns things?

Ownership and credit are always yours for everything you contribute. A standard statement will appear on every post to indicate that the images and words are all yours. If you’re posting content that someone else made, we ask you to make sure it is appropriately cleared and/or credited. If you need help with this, just holler.

Spanish and English?

That’s right! Since Spring 2021, LA River X is bilingual, with syndicated accounts in English and Spanish. Guest Hosts can submit content in either English or Spanish, and our volunteer team will do the translations for you. If you would like to use an additional language you are welcome to do so, and if you prefer to write your own captions in both English and Spanish rather than using our translators that’s okay too.

Who are we?

This account was founded and is curated by Dr Tilly Hinton, alongside a small team of fellow volunteers:

  • Alyssa Luna was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She received a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management and Protection from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she interned for numerous government agencies. Living in San Luis Obispo exposed her to the importance of protecting natural resources and achieving a balance between our natural and built environments. Now back in Los Angeles, Alyssa works as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst with interests in using this technology to support applications in environmental science, urban planning, and social justice.
  • Maria Labourt is a PhD student in Sociology at USC. She is intrigued by the ways in which terrestrial beings relate to each other, and she believes that the Los Angeles River is an exemplary case for understanding the future of these relationships between culture and nature. She is originally from Argentina and a future astrologer.
  • Monica Wooters was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley on land known by the Tataviam as Kavw√©nga which lies along their orit (Los Angeles River). She holds an MA in Latin American Studies from Cal State LA and has been a translator for nearly 15 years as well as being a community organizer. After 13 years away, Monica recently returned to Los Angeles drawn back, in part, by her favorite spot on the River.
  • Dr Tilly Hinton is a river advocate who literally moved across the planet to live near, and work with, the Los Angeles River. She has a Masters and a PhD about the Los Angeles River‚Äôs recent social history, and she took Lewis MacAdams seriously when he told her that her job was articulating the river‚Äôs future mythology. She is currently writing her first book, about people‚Äôs love for the LA River.

Who has hosted LA River X?

In 2019, LA River X featured:
> kayaker Anthea Raymond
> iconic nonprofit FoLAR
> film photographer Lawrence Tai
> photographer Kim Holtyn
> naturalist and botanical artist Margaret Gallagher
> photographer Peter Bennett
> community leader Mike Hain
> photographer Myles Pettingall
> photographer Adam Ianello with Michael Atkins
> photographer Craig Collins and
> architectural scholar Marco Introini

In 2020, LA River X featured
> photographer Dwayne Grant
> light projection artist Projected Visions
> 78 UCLA students learning environmental communications from Jon Christensen
> photography alchemist Lars Bunch
> environmental scientist Jes Tormoen
> visual artist Seth Holmes
> artist Helen Kim
> photographer T. Chick McClure
> filmmaker Joe Petricca
> cultural anthropologist Dr Sarah Grant
> artist Avital Oehler
> the saddest puppet in Los Angeles El Triste, and his puppetmaster Cain Carias
> child wonder Jasper Lutyens
> photographer Fred Kaplan
> photographer John Worthy
> Lobo the horse and owner Meredith McKenzie and
> scholar and designer James Meraz

In 2021, LA River X featured
> writer Tim de Roche and printmaker Daniel Gonzalez
> illustrator Su Jen Buchheim
> photographer Miguel Rodriguez
> writer Rex Weiner
> river landowner River Ridge Club and Stables
> photographer Omar Haq
> teacher educator Jim Kisiel
> writer Henry Cherry
> writer and publisher Laura Vena
> photographer Safi Alia Shabaik
> teenagers Andrea Popoca, Celeste Umana, Maria Evelyn Romero Gomez, and Xochitl Cruz with their teachers from Las Fotos Project
> architect Tracy Stone
> Mayor Garcetti’s RiverWorks office
> fine artist John Kosta and
> author Julia Wasson.
Will you be next in the line-up?

Count me in!

Guest Host: Super, we’re excited that you’re interested in taking over the account for a week. To apply, send an email to lariverx@goodisbetter.net with a line or two about why you’d like to host. Include a link to your existing Instagram account.

Champion: If you love this concept please follow us on Instagram in English and Spanish, and tell all your friends!

Connector: If you know people, organizations or agencies who should guest host LA River X please reach out to them, and to us.

@riodelosangelesx es una cuenta de Instagram creada en 2019 para exhibir una diversidad de perspectivas e historias sobre el R√≠o de Los √Āngeles. Hacemos esto a trav√©s de invitaciones a individuos como t√ļ para compartir im√°genes e historias sobre el transcurso de una semana.

Qué posteo?

Sabemos que el R√≠o de Los √Āngeles es parte de tu vida (o del trabajo de tu organizaci√≥n o agencia) y que tienes una perspectiva que ser√° fascinante, inspiradora, e informativa para la gente que est√° interesada en el pasado, presente, y futuro del r√≠o.
Puedes compartir cualquier contenido visual y relacionado con el r√≠o. Selecciona de tu colecci√≥n de fotos existente. Mu√©stranos una vista favorita. Recicla una imagen que represente tu relaci√≥n con el r√≠o. Toma una foto de un documento, un objeto o de algo de tu propio archivo. Haz un retrato de alguien importante para ti. Dibuja algo. Puedes reutilizar contenido que ya ha aparecido en tu Instagram en el pasado. No hay un l√≠mite m√°ximo de publicaciones pero, como m√≠nimo, pedimos una publicaci√≥n cada d√≠a de tus siete d√≠as de anfitri√≥n aunque tres cada d√≠a es nuestro n√ļmero favorito.
Tenemos interés en colaborar y establecer conexiones con la comunidad, los educadores y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Si tienes ideas, por favor comunícate con nosotros.

¬ŅComo funciona?

Hacemos la publicación por ti, y luego tu participas en comentarios usando tu propia cuenta de Instagram (tanta participación como desees). Nos envías tu contenido con anticipación y puedes agregar publicaciones adicionales durante la semana de anfitrión. Nuestra prioridad es que sea sencillo para ti. La vida tiene suficientes curvas de aprendizaje, sin necesidad de que la tecnología sea una de ellas. Obtendrás más detalles después de tu invitación a ser anfitrión.

¬ŅQui√©n es el due√Īo de las cosas?

La propiedad y el crédito son siempre tuyos por todo lo que contribuyas. Aparecerá una declaración estándar en cada publicación para indicar que las imágenes y las palabras son todas suyas. Si publicas contenido creado por otra persona, pedimos que te asegures de que esté debidamente autorizado y/o acreditado. Si necesitas ayuda con esto, por favor nos avisas.

¬ŅEspa√Īol e ingl√©s?

¬°As√≠ es! A partir de la primavera de 2021, LA River X es biling√ľe, con cuentas en ingl√©s y espa√Īol. Los anfitriones invitados pueden enviar contenido en ingl√©s o espa√Īol, y nuestro equipo de voluntarios har√° las traducciones necesarias. Si deseas utilizar un idioma adicional, puedes hacerlo, y si prefieres escribir tus propios subt√≠tulos tanto en ingl√©s como en espa√Īol en lugar de utilizar nuestros traductores, tambi√©n est√° bien.

¬ŅQuienes somos?

Esta cuenta fue fundada y curada por la Dra. Tilly Hinton, junto con un peque√Īo equipo de compa√Īeros voluntarios:

  • Alyssa Luna naci√≥ y se cri√≥ en Los √Āngeles, California. Recibi√≥ una Licenciatura de Ciencias en Protecci√≥n Ambiental de Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, donde interno con numerosas agencias gubernamentales. Vivir en San Luis Obispo la expuso a la importancia de proteger los recursos naturales y lograr un equilibrio entre nuestros entornos naturales y construidos. Ahora, de regreso en Los √Āngeles, Alyssa trabaja como analista de sistemas de informaci√≥n geogr√°fica con inter√©s en usar esta tecnolog√≠a para respaldar aplicaciones en ciencias ambientales, planificaci√≥n urbana y justicia social.
  • Maria Labourt es estudiante del doctorado en Sociolog√≠a en USC. Le intrigan las formas en las que los seres terrestres se relacionan entre s√≠, y cree que el R√≠o de Los √Āngeles es un caso ejemplar para comprender el futuro de estas relaciones entre cultura y naturaleza. Ella es originalmente de Argentina y una futura astr√≥loga.
  • Monica Wooters naci√≥ y creci√≥ en el Valle de San Fernando en la tierra conocida por los Tataviam como Kavw√©nga que que se encuentra a lo largo de su orit (el r√≠o Los √Āngeles). Monica tiene una maestr√≠a en Estudios Latinoamericanos de Cal State LA y ha sido una traductora durante casi 15 a√Īos adem√°s de una organizadora comunitaria. Despu√©s de 13 a√Īos fuera de Los √Āngeles, Monica regres√≥ recientemente atra√≠da, en parte, por su lugar favorito en el r√≠o.
  • Tilly Hinton es una defensora del r√≠o que literalmente se mud√≥ a trav√©s del planeta para vivir cerca del R√≠o de Los √Āngeles y trabajar con √©l. Tiene una maestr√≠a y un doctorado sobre la historia social reciente del R√≠o de Los √Āngeles, y se tom√≥ en serio a Lewis MacAdams cuando le dijo que su trabajo consist√≠a en articular la mitolog√≠a futura del r√≠o. Actualmente est√° escribiendo su primer libro, sobre el amor de la gente por el R√≠o de Los √Āngeles.

¬°Cuenta conmigo!

Anfitrión invitadx: ¡Super! Nos entusiasma que muestres interés en compartir nuestra cuenta durante una semana. Para postularte, envía un correo electrónico al equipo: lariverx@goodisbetter.net con una línea o dos sobre por qué te gustaría ser anfitrión. Incluye un enlace a tu cuenta de Instagram existente.
Campe√≥n: Si te encanta este concepto, s√≠guenos en Instagram en ingl√©s y en espa√Īol y cu√©ntaselo a todos tus amigos.
Conector: si conoces personas, organizaciones o agencias que deberían ser anfitriones invitados de LA River X, comuníquese con ellos y con nosotros.

“In those early days people used to say, you know, what’s your, who’s your, celebrity? And I’d always say the river is our celebrity. And I’d say it in a sort of snide way because it always pissed me off that in LA you’re supposed to have a fucking celebrity. Was then, and still is.” – Lewis MacAdams, 2016