Storytime for the Apocalypse is a virtual storytime for grown-ups. Established in April 2020 this monthly online event series is made for your minds and hearts. It’s a hopeful, frank, uplifting, and nurturing hour for interesting people to read beautiful published writing out loud to one another. Dr Tilly Hinton is curating this event in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic because she knows that stories and community are the ballast we need when life gets rough.

Storytime for the Apocalypse happens next on Monday 30 November at 7:30 pm, Los Angeles time. Here’s the link to join.

Episode 13 – the final for 2020

Monday November 30, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 262]

Episode 12: When, sometimes, you have to concede defeat

Monday October 26, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 227]

  • Cancelled for October. In its place I recommend curling up with a book, listening to a podcast, making art, or requesting a handpicked recording of a previous Storytime just for your listening ears.

Episode 11: Invocation

Monday September 28, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 199]

  • Dr Sarah Minslow read ‘The Dead of September 11’ by Toni Morrison
  • Dr Tilly Hinton read ‘Praying’, ‘I Happened To Be Standing’ and ‘The Summer Day’ by Mary Oliver
  • Josh Shayne read ‘Frog and Toad Tentatively Go Outside After Months in Self-Quarantine’ by Jennie Egerdie
  • Rex Weiner read ‘I Am Waiting’ by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Episode 10: Transformation

Monday August 31, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 171]

  • Engineer and Poet Ehssan Sakhaee read ‘The Alchemy of Love’ and ‘Chickpea to Cook’ by Rumi
  • Education and Equity Specialist Nitasha Lewis read from ‘The Fire Next Time’ by James Baldwin
  • Tour Guide and Los Angeles Enthusiast Tom Sanchez read from ‘The Day of the Locust’ by Nathanael West
  • Creative supernova Toni Robison-May read from ‘Hope in the Dark’ by Rebecca Solnit

Episode 9: Worlds

Monday July 27, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 136]

  • Librarian Scholar Vassiliki Veros read ‘The Nightmare of Persephone’ by Nikos Gatsos
  • Actor and Animal Advocate Richard Sanderson read from ‘Kcymaerxthaere: The Story so Far …’ by Eames Demetrios
  • Community Engagement ProselytizerDr Wade Kelly read from ‘Desert Solitaire’ by Edward Abbey
  • Film aficionado Chris Schwartz read from ‘Pale Blue Dot’ by Carl Sagan

Episode 8: Amplifying Black Voices Special Episode

Monday June 29, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 108]

This episode was stunningly guest-curated and co-hosted by Meredith Lancaster.

  • Political genius and future law student Jaria Martin read from ‘The Children of Virtue and Vengeance’ by Tomi Adeyemi
  • Journalist Deonna Anderson read from ‘Homing Instinct’ by Dani McClain
  • Spiritual activist Lauren Kai read from ‘The Prisoner’s Wife’ By Asha Bandele
  • Performing artist Mallewi read ‘For My People’ by Margaret Walker

Episode 7: Time

Monday May 25, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 73]

Episode 6: Outdoors

Monday May 18, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 66]

  • Artist-hypnotist Marcos Lutyens read from ‘Mount Analogue’ by René Daumal
  • Performing artist Rohini Chandra read from ‘The Dog Stars’ by Peter Heller
  • Floral Designer Katia Zaharin Barrett read from ‘Memoirs’ by Pablo Neruda
  • Poet Kate Reavey read ‘San Juan River’ by Esther Belin, ‘Concerning Violence’ and ‘From The Tent on the Volcano’ by Ursula K Le Guin, and ‘Pearly Everlasting’ by Gary Snyder

Episode 5: Sensory

Monday May 11, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 59]

  • Eternal Student Alicia Zaklan read from ‘Three soldiers’ by John Dos Passos
  • Multi-hyphenate Ariel Banayan read from ‘Augustus’ by John Williams
  • Superorganism Kiri Bear read from ‘Sandtalk: how indigenous thinking can save the world’ by Tyson Yunkaporta
  • Historian Tom Griffiths read from ‘Gun Island’ by Amitav Ghosh

Episode 4: Purpose

Monday May 4, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 52]

  • Art historian Meredith Lancaster read from ‘Positive Obsession’ by Octavia E. Butler
  • Bricoleur Tim Ottman read from ‘Cloud-Hidden, whereabouts unknown’ by Alan Watts
  • Silversmith Brooke Macbeth read ‘The Five Boons of Life’ by Mark Twain
  • Writer/Director Bonnie Foster read ‘Wild Dreams of A New Beginning’ by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Episode 3: Life

Monday April 27, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 45]

Episode 2: Attentiveness

Monday April 20, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 38]

  • Scholar Char Miller read ‘In This Short Life’, ‘I Dwell in Possibility’, and ‘”Hope” is the thing with feathers’ by Emily Dickinson
  • The Off-Grid Guy Michael Mobbs read ‘An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow’ by Les Murray
  • Screenwriter Joe Petricca read the final speech from the script of ‘The Great Dictator’ by Charlie Chaplin
  • Yoga Therapist Melissa Adylia Calasanz read from ‘Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Episode 1: Wonder

Monday April 13, 2020 [Los Angeles Lockdown, Day 31]

  • Filmmaker Par Parekh read ‘The Elephant & the Butterfly’ by E.E. Cummings
  • Editor and permaculturist Jessica Perini read ‘Tonight I Can Write’, ‘Leaning Into The Afternoons’, and ‘Poet’s Obligation’ by Pablo Neruda
  • Palaeontologist and Cicerone Trevor S. Valle read ‘Being an Experiment Upon Strictly Scientific Lines’ by Neil Gaiman
  • Curator Tilly Hinton read ‘Walking in a Pandemic’ by Char Miller

Count me in!

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