On September 1, 2022 the Long Beach Planning Commission will consider the matter of 712 Baker Street, a river adjacent parcel of land that needs our protection and care.

It’s agenda item 22-051PL, and the virtual meeting starts at 5 pm, at this link.

You have until 1 pm on the day of the meeting to submit written comments by email to PlanningCommissioners@longbeach.gov.

If you are available to attend the meeting (via Zoom) you need to fill out the Virtual Speaker Card (it’s unclear whether there’s a cut-off time for submitting a speaker card, so do it as soon as you can). Here’s the link for that.

If you’re wondering what comments to actually make (the volume of information is for sure overwhelming), here’s an earlier letter I wrote, which you’re welcome to borrow ideas from.

Another powerful way to help is to donate to Riverpark Coalition, the most impactful and committed river advocacy organization for the lower LA River. They’re a 501(c)(3) so your gift is tax-deductible, and right now a generous Board member is matching every single donation, so your gift gets doubled, easy as that!

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