A few Transition Bondi folks and I went head-to-head with an unflinching Centre for Sustainability Leadership team in a halloween-night debate last week which asked “Will community groups lead the change to a more sustainable future?”.

We on the Transition Bondi team had to argue against the power of community groups, a beautifully ironic task given that what we have in common is membership of a particularly vibrant community group that supports and fosters our own eco-positive actions. Nevertheless, we managed to rustle up a few arguments to support the dark side of the topic: the power of corporates and governments, the cumbersomeness of community groups, their redundancy in our connected world…to name a few.

Thinking through this topic prompted me to value afresh the power of community groups, and to be grateful we live in a society where we can have them, belong to them, debate their relevance, and engage with them as we wish. One of many things to be grateful for!

I’d love to know what *you* think!

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