Last Saturday it rained at moy pocket. At the family farm we hosted around twenty intrepid land for wildlife enthusiasts who were there to explore the astounding bush regeneration project that my parents, especially my tireless mama, have devoted themselves to ever since we moved to the clapped out ex-dairy subdivision in the early 1980s. It was a total delight. My greatest pleasure was hearing my mother being able to talk Latin plant names to people who could actually talk back, rather than my smile-nod-make a novice comment routine that is the best I can do.

Mama passed a pile of sage advice for bush regen that’s good for the world. Four things in particular:
1. Divide spaces into zones, name them and focus your work and visions zonally.
2. Create photo points (she uses a stake in the ground to mark vantage points.
3. Use simple tools and zero chemicals.
4. Create paths to allow non-destructive movement through the property.

Most memorable was her exhortation that we should all weed like Buddhists – do no harm.

My contribution was to cater for afternoon tea. My ethos was create a simple menu that showcased food from the farm. Our goal was to shower our guests with hospitality so they felt welcome and part of our life. We hadn’t quite anticipated the relentless rainstorms but some rain proofing by papa kept things relatively dry. Along with my sister and nephew, we served bunya nut crunch mud cakes with organic plums and sour cream ganache frosting, lemon myrtle syrup cakes, Italian frittata, pink salmon and potato tart with local creme fraiche, lemon myrtle punch and chili cordial.

My family home is so precious, and the opportunity to share it with others, is always a delight. And, the rain mercifully calmed after seeming as if it might never stop.





  1. Anonymous

    Tilly this is wonderful! Educational, inspirational! Right now I’m taking better care of my herbs

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback. If you have friends who might like the blog too, I’d love you to share it with them. Good to hear about your herbs…there’s few things better than healthy fresh herbs, I reckon!

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