ducks on rocks in the river water, with trees and a ray of sunlight

Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Final Draft Implementation Feasibility Report

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering is seeking public comment on the Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Final Draft Implementation Feasibility Report (IFR). Submissions close on Friday April 30, 2021. Your comments need to be sent to:Project Team, Taylor Yard G2 River Park Useful links:The report and appendices, plus various presentations […]

a plant grows from concrete cracks

3701 Pacific Place

In the latest installment of a disheartening game I’m calling “are-you-for-real-City-of-Long-Beach?!” all but 20 constituents have been locked out of speaking at the City Council appeal hearing this evening about 3701 Pacific Place. You can write an email and make an ecomment instead, which is what I’ve done. Hope you’ll do the same. Email addresses:City […]

A letter to Mayor Garcia, City of Long Beach

The City of Long Beach is poised to determine the future of the Lower Los Angeles River with two utterly inappropriate development proposals currently shimmying their way through what appears to be a very careless approval process. If you have any interest in the river, the watershed, human life, or environmental justice, now is the […]

Storytime presents…Show and Tell!

What’s an object that is ultra precious to you?…that reminds you of something or someone important?…that marks a key passage in your life?…that has transformed you?…that evokes your strongest emotional response? Chris Schwartz and Tilly Hinton are joining forces to bring you an hour of the Show and Tell you might remember from grade school. […]

Amid an early-morning smoky haze, a man cleans the forecourt of Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on Jan. 5. (Lukas Coch/Reuters)

Songs for when the world is burning

Last week I was tasked with selecting a song to play during an environmental communications guest lecture at the University of California, Los Angeles. A song to summarize the world burning. Finding anything at all that adequately speaks the unprecedented crisis and tragedy that my country is living through was quite a task. My first […]