What’s an object that is ultra precious to you?
…that reminds you of something or someone important?
…that marks a key passage in your life?
…that has transformed you?
…that evokes your strongest emotional response?

Chris Schwartz and Tilly Hinton are joining forces to bring you an hour of the Show and Tell you might remember from grade school.

Seeking presenters: Hopefully you’ll be one of them! 5-7 minutes ish, no slides, and the object that you’re showing and telling needs to be with you. Your object can be anything at all…it just needs to really, truly, profoundly, mean something to you. You show, tell, and then Chris and I gently grill you with curious questions. If you’re interested in being featured, send us a note about your object and what it means to you.

Want to watch: It’s Thursday September 17 at 6pm Pacific. That’s a sultry 9 pm in New York and an easy 11 am Friday brunch in Australia. To make sure you’re on the guest list, join the Good is Better mailing list. If you love Storytime, this bonus event will give you an extra helping of all that goodness for September.