About the blog: This started out as a blog about living simply and sustainably. If a topic could tick one of these boxes, it could belong in my blog: cooking, food and farming, growing, inspiration or making. But life, well it’s changing, and I’ve got more things to say.

So now, good is better tells stories that fascinate me, in the hope they may fascinate you too. There’ll be a lot about the Los Angeles River, the focus of my environmental humanities research and the object of my deep affection. There’ll be things about floristry and sustainability, two of my life passions. There’ll be politics with a small P, and whatever else seems to need attending to.

This blog takes its name from a childhood rhyme that seems to have got under my perfectionist skin: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Good is better but better is best!”

About me: Tilly Hinton has a PhD about love and a concrete river. She’s all about finding beauty in unlikely places.

Tilly uses history and storytelling to understand how people relate to nature in messed-up landscapes, finding stories of baptism, paint, fishing, friendship, crime and profound change.

Tilly was the founding curator of Nourish Talks, an event series in Sydney which explored complex environmental and social issues in surprising and uplifting ways. She has led and contributed to a range of education, environment, and community initiatives. Past projects include Sydney Open, the GREENhouse at Woodford Folk Festival, TEDxGympie, several Learning and Teaching Weeks at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and nationwide higher education workshops and events.

She is Principal Consultant at Abound Consulting where she helps academics and universities unlock their potential in learning and teaching. For all the career details, you can see her LinkedIn profile. For stories, photos, and all the rest, please stay right here.

Tilly always writes back, and can be contacted on tilly@goodisbetter.net.

Photo Credit: Bevan Preston