Apparently microgreens are the new sprout. To see what it’s all about, I’ve started growing some. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Growing Medium: Made a soil mix of (no idea about quantities, must remember to write stuff down) coconut peat, seed raising mix, compost, and innoculated biochar (with natrakelp and worm juice). My reading suggests you can grow in pumice, but this seems nutrient-depriving to me so I have gone the soil route. Oh, and I haven’t found a beach with pumice lately.

Planting containers: I’ve planted in an old bamboo steamer and in discarded rice milk cartons (cut in half lenghtways). Found a seed-raising heated tray from the storeroom…not that it’s needed in this weather. Covered trays with wet newspaper, and crossed fingers for viability. The snow peas were soaked for the day in barely-warm water with magnesium oil and seaweed, others were sown straight in – beetroot, edible chrysanthemum, green harvest salad mix and broccoli.

Reflections from the first attempt: Snow pea sprouts were incredible – about 15 cm tall, beautiful flavour and a billion times superior to store bought ones. The others were delicious but pretty spindly. I grew them in the bathroom, and realise now they need more sunlight than what filters in there. Second attempt is underway now with more snowpeas, fenugreek and beetroot, and as soon as they germinate, I’ll move them out onto the balcony.