So this blog is about simple abundance – with a focus on three of my favourite things: cooking, making and growing. Lately, cooking has been getting plenty of my attention with bountiful harvests from co-op inspiring me to cook for loved ones. And growing has been kicking along too, with the balcony garden enjoying gentle winter sunshine and a good dose of kelp and liquid humus. But making….well that’s been a little elusive. Vines coil sulkily in the corner, ready to be woven into baskets. Magazines pile up but I don’t find time to make a vision board. My drawing practice has languished.

Last weekend though, I carved out an afternoon for making. My wonderful papa was teaching a weaving workshop at  Dagun Growers Market and it seemed the perfect opportunity for a weaving refresher course. We used cats claw creeper, a disastrous invasive species, and transformed it into a collection of baskets that was as unique as the weavers and learners who gathered together there. My basket is not yet finished, but here are some photos from the afternoon.


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