Today I learned of a fantastic web start-up called mmMule. It’s a site for, in their words, ‘delivering happiness’.

If you’re a local and you long for something from somewhere else, you request it from a traveller in exchange for whatever you’ve got to give. Coralie would like a traveller to bring her pebbles from a beach in Darwin, and she’ll take them out for coffee in return. Sarah craves vita weats, and will say thanks with drinks, travel tips and an observation deck ticket in Dubai. Ryan seeks cheese curds and gravy mix for a ‘completely amateur but probably helpful surfing lesson at bondi beach’. This idea is genius! And, scanning through some of the requests reminds me of how powerful connections with home are. It’s a directory of comforts craved, of feelings of loss and love and longing.

There’s also Angel Mule which arranges deliveries of charitable donations throughout the world. Dog leads to an animal refuge in Bali, gardening tools to Uganda, art for an exhibition raising funds for burmese education programs.

How wonderful that through the web our wishes – big and small, needs and wants – can be shared with others…and met by them too.

Have you given or received through mmMule? What is it you crave? What would you like to deliver and where?