Life changed shape a lot this week! It’s been in the works for a while but this week the cogs started turning. I’ve been seconded into a Commonwealth public service job that will have me calling Sydney home, at regular intervals for the next year, as well as plenty of other travel in Australia and some abroad.  I’m going to miss observing  the daily transformations of my balcony garden, the weekly comraderie of food co-op, geographic closeness to loved ones. And, as my mother was quick to observe, I’ll have to plant an abundance of trees to offset my carbon footprint. But, I have the tremendous fortune of a personal and professional adventure. This week I’ve enjoyed Brisbane (think big planters of herbs and veges growing throughout South Bank), Canberra (beautiful logical produce, and a menu that signals seasonality reins). Tomorrow Sydney, soon Hobart, so much to explore and enjoy. Keep an eye out for inner city gardens, new food co-ops and the pursuit of simplicity and walking lightly in a hectic world.