There’s a page on GoodIsBetter called Local, which is my spot for sharing fabulous discoveries from where I live.

Now that home is Sydney, here’s an archive of what used to be in the Local List when local was the Sunny Coast in Queensland:

The Lane at Palmwoods ( and Renae’s Pantry (

  • Friday afternoons/evenings and Saturday mornings
  • magical laneway full of food, local produce, groceries, books, clothes, music, local craft, delightful people
  • community box program where locals sell their wares
  • Pantry proprietors Ben and Renae who are two of the loveliest and most inspiring people I have ever met. Ever.


98 Fish (

  • finally, a place to buy fresh, sustainable and local seafood
  • a ‘fresh list’ of what’s in store published online daily
  • perfect service with helpful and knowledgeable advice


Sheena’s Natural Therapies (07 5456 4510)

  • deeply restorative massage using the raindrop technique with pure essential oils from Young Living


Seedlings (corner of Nambour-Mapleton Rd and Willandra Place, Mapleton)

  • this honesty-box roadside stall sells an astounding range of seedlings, all grown from Digger’s heirloom seeds
  • punnets are a bargain ($2 each), plants are robust and you can browse a laminated copy of the catalogue to learn more about what you’re buying


Dagun Growers Market (

  • an instance of the Mary Valley recuperating after the devastating  dam proposal that crippled (and also strengthened) us between 2006 – 2009 (check out for the back-story)
  • supporting small-scale agriculture in the valley will support economic and social recovery…and with food like this it’s so very easy to do one’s bit!
  • markets every Saturday arvo from 4 pm
  • all produce is care farmed within 50km and sold co-operatively
  • Includes finger limes, sorrel, baby eggplant, winged beans and greens


Obi Obi Essentials (

  • locally grown and processed olive oil, olive leaf tea and green tea
  • watch a video of Alexina and the farm at
  • these wonderful women are also proprietors of La Botiga cafe at Mapleton – well worth a visit


Yandina Community Gardens (

  • inspiring workshops every other Saturday morning that are FREE (get there early as they are super popular)
  • chickens and fish that fill you up with inspiration
  • plants and garden materials (including biochar) for sale
  • great place to give some volunteering hours


Big Pineapple Markets (

  • lush markets every Saturday morning from 6:30 am
  • need to shop mindfully – not everything is local and some things seem to have come from produce markets
  • weeds and herbs stall is mind-blowing (take notes – you’ll never remember what you’ve bought once you get home)
  • bio dynamic bananas from Wamuran that redefine sweetness and flavour


Green Harvest (

  • gardening books and suppliesseeds for microgreens and sprouting – compare prices with Eden Seeds though as I’ve found Eden to often be vastly cheaper


Eden Seeds and Select Organic (

  • semi-local (Gold Coast)sprouting and microgreen seeds – I am very happy with the seed viability and the range is great


Yandina Feed Barn (13 Farrell Street, Yandina, phone 5446 8611)

  • molasses, natrakelp, natramin
  • the intoxicating smell of lucerne hay
  • the delight of cooing at chickens and guinea pigs



  1. Hi, what a great resource! We just saw it posted on Facebook by Well Healed. Can we ask.. how does one go about joining this list?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback! You can follow my blog by clicking on the connect button on the right hand side of the screen – it’s under a heading that says ‘Get fresh postings from Good is Better’. Also, if you have any sunny coast treasures to add to my list (I know there are heaps!), please feel free to add them as extra comments. Tilly xo

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